One Step Beyond

a holistic consulting firm

  • Our mission is to support all aspects of your organization and using research driven approaches to improving the overall health and wealth of any organization.

  • We bring 50+ years of collecive experience within C-suite positions to our comprehensive host of services, supporting the operations of any successful business, educational insitution, and non-profit organizations in California.

Our Services

Organizational Development and Strategic Planning
Our organizational development services include:
  • Annual Business and Strategic Plan Development; 
  • DEI Strategy and Action Planning; 
  • Retreat Planning and Execution; 
  • Foresight Training Facilitation; 
  • Goal Setting and Analysis; 
  • SOP Development; and,
  • Board Development.

Support for Educational Institutions
We provide specialized support to Educational Institustions through:
  • Accredidation Support; 
  • Outcomes and Student Assessment; 
  • Enrollment Management and Analysis;  

Fiscal  Management
Our suite of fiscal management services include:
  • Fiscal Health and Risk Analysis; 
  • Budget Development and Analysis; 
  • Fiscal Sustainability Planning; 
  • Market Analysis; 
  • Capital Planning; 
  • Real Estate Development, Construction, and Management;  

Human Resources
We provide Holistic HR services, including:
  • Reviews of existing HR processes, ensuring compliance with CA HR regulations;
  • Recommendations for organizational restructuring through position analysis and workforce planning;
  • Recruitment and Retention Planning;
  • Compensation Structure Analysis;
  • Succession Planning; and,
  • Labor and Union Relations.

Workplace Wellness Planning
We support the development of specialized workplace wellbeing programs, with services including:
  • Mental Health Literacy and Wellness Education; 
  • Meditation and Mindfulness Training;
  • Employee Needs Assessments; 
  • Wellness Retreat Planning; and, 
  • Bias Analysis and Training.

Professional Development and Coaching
We provide a range of professional development and coaching services including:
  • Executive and Leadership Coaching; 
  • Group Coaching and Team Building for success; 
  • Performance Coaching for individual employees; and,
  • Skills-focused trainings (including comms/PR, finance, operations, and management training).

With all inquiries, please email: